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The Lab

In our spare time, we gather like-minded people, and exchange about some ideas we have.
Then, we work on those ideas.
Sometimes they're a bit silly, sometimes they're brilliant, but they're always a lot of fun,
and they help us keep an open mind about today's real world.
We call this THE LAB

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About Us


Our goal is to provide the best digital solutions to our clients

We follow 5 simple steps in order to meet our client's needs: we analyze, conceive, plan, design, and implement a solution. Also, we do a pretty good job with the follow up.

We help brands and small businesses find their HOT SPOT on the web.


You might want to contact us for the following services:

Creativity, Online Campaign, WebDesign, Connected Objects, CMS, E-Shop, Online Reservations, Galleries, Audio Player, Ios / Android Applications

We are able to mix technologies in order to meet both our client's needs and the customers' expectations

State of Mind

You might like to know who we are and what makes us different ?

We a small but experimented team, passionated about design & interactive technologies. We are able to understand your business and your brand to produce efficient supports and provide pertinent advices.

We believe in Design, Technology and Rock n'Roll.

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Stereo Agency


Rue d'Alost, 7-9
1000 Brussels

T: +32 472 677 488


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