WordPress Energy Saver

Save the world wide web's energy. One pixel at a time.

Energy Saver is a lightweight plugin for you website or blog that spares energy by dimming the brightness of the page when it's not focused.
Think of it as a screensaver for websites…


  • Wordpress 3.5 or above
  • Jquery 1.10.2
  • Designed for standalone blogs or Wordpress.org hosted blogs
  • Works on FireFox, Chrome, IE 8+, Safari, Opera

Saving Energy

A black screen consumes 24% less energy than a white or colored screen

A compressed html page can weight up to 75% less than an uncompressed page


Through the web

Wordpress represents 17.4% of ALL the websites* currently running.
* Src: WP Discount

It's BIG

For the world

That's about 73 million websites* and around 4.1 billion pages* viewed each month.
* Src: The Next Web

Energy Saver?